Read your Cancer monthly horoscope to find out what the stars have in store for you this month…

Cancer April 2021 Horoscope

The spotlight is on your mission, position and ambition this month, with 10th House Aries energy driving you forward with real fire power. 

Don’t be surprised if you strike gold with an ambitious venture that brings you rewards, financially and otherwise. 

Any career moves you make before the 19th are likely to be really positive, allowing your voice to be heard and your face to be seen in the field where you were born to shine. 

Mars moves into Cancer on the 23rd and you’ll be really driven to achieve some personal goals – what a month!

Cancer Fashion Horoscope

Every month I use the Fashion Oracles to draw a card for each zodiac sign.

The famous fashion faces and style icons deliver an important message for your zodiac sign, contained in the illustration and words on the card.

What message is this month’s fashion oracle card reading delivering for you?

Mary Quant fashion oracle card

Mary Quant

Often cited as the most iconic and influential fashion designer of the 1960s, Mary Quant was known for pushing the boundaries in her field. 

The commercially-minded designer championed the mini skirt and hot pants, rebelling against the norm at the time with super-high hemlines. 

When this card appears, it provides encouragement to take risks and push your own boundaries.

You might not need to raise your hemline but do you need to raise the stakes?

The Aries weather this month is providing the spotlight. People are looking, dear Cancer, make it worth a whistle.