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Rising Sign Astrology: The Meaning of Your Ascendant

Rising Sign Astrology: The Meaning of Your Ascendant

rising sign astrology

So you know your Sun Sign and Moon Sign, but what is your Rising Sign and why does it matter? In astrology, the traits and characteristics of your Rising Sign (also known as your Ascendant) reveals a lot about how other people perceive you.

What is the Rising Sign or Ascendant Sign in astrology?

In your natal chart, the Rising Sign is the zodiac sign that was rising on the eastern horizon at the exact time and date that you were born.

The Ascendant sits in the First House of your birth chart, influencing your appearance, profile and how others take you at ‘face value’.

While your Sun Sign is the core, real you, and the Moon Sign is the emotional, inner you, your Rising Sign is the outer you. 

The characteristics of your Rising Sign reveal a lot about how you make an impression on people when you first meet. 

Rising Sign calculator: How to work out your Ascendant

To calculate your Rising Sign you’ll need to know your exact date, time and place of birth.

This is because the Ascendant changes zodiac signs every few hours, so it’s important to have an accurate birth time to work out your Rising Sign.

You can discover your Rising Sign by creating a free birth chart from the options in our online astrology report shop.

Calculate your Rising Sign

Rising Sign characteristics and traits

Aries Rising

On the surface, Aries Rising personalities are direct, quick and straight to the point. Their competitive edge can be intimidating on first meet but you’ll want to have this warm, funny and generous sign on your side. If they have a softer Sun Sign, you might come across a tamer version of the Aries Rising when you get to know them. But the Aries Ascendant will demand your attention when you first meet them.

Taurus Rising 

Laid back Taurus Rising likes shopping, snacking and napping, not necessarily in that order! Although they may appear a bit stubborn and slow on the uptake, the Taurus Ascendant is driven to live a life of luxury. They’re ready and willing to play the long game if it means more pennies in their purse eventually. Taurus Rising is a loyal partner and friend, but a formidable opponent. Once the Taurus Ascendant digs their heels in, it can be tough to get them to change their mind or direction. 

Gemini Rising 

When you first meet a Gemini Rising don’t expect to do much talking, as this chatty sign likes to talk and then some! Gemini Ascendants are social butterflies, unable to sit still or keep quiet for long due to all the funny stories and creative thoughts they just have to tell you. They love to make loose social plans but often lack follow-through. Double-booking and last minute no-shows are hallmarks of the commitment-phobic Gemini Ascendant.

Cancer Rising 

Empathetic Cancer Rising is the person you meet at a party and want to confide in. There’s something about Cancer Ascendants that makes you trust their loyal and sincere nature straightaway. With an intuitive and motherly instinct, Cancer Rising is often the person you see rallying the group and making sure everyone feels included.

Leo Rising 

Gregarious Leo Rising likes to be centre of attention and they often will be! They assume this role naturally due to their entertaining way of telling stories and ability to hold court over any audience. When you first meet a Leo Ascendant they’ll make you feel like their best friend pretty quickly, due to their warm and generous personality. The down side to Leo Rising is that the constant performance could prove exhausting at first, especially if they don’t have a tamer Sun Sign to dial down the drama.

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Virgo Rising 

Super-organised Virgo Rising appears professional, polished and punctual. Never one to gloss over the details, Virgo Ascendants have a look about them that says they’re on the ball at all times. Virgo Rising can appear quite health conscious, with a focus on fitness or wellness regimes that require masses of willpower. The natural instinct of the Virgo Ascendant is to help and heal others, so they are quick first responders in emergency situations. 

Libra Rising 

Sociable and romantic Libra Rising appears on the surface like a light-hearted person that goes with the flow. They struggle with decision-making and do anything to keep friendships and relationships harmonious. However, there’s another side to the Libra Ascendant that has a strong need for balance, fairness and justice. Don’t mistake Libra Rising for a soft touch, as they’ll make every effort to correct the power balance and put you in your place. You might find that Libra Rising is less laid back when you get to know them, especially if they have a stronger Sun Sign.

Scorpio Rising 

Magnetic Scorpio Rising can appear intimidatingly ice cool when you first come across them. They tend to attract a lot of attention and thrive on being the mysterious stranger. It can often be hard to tell whether a Scorpio Ascendant likes you (or hates you!) but chances are they are quite indifferent to you. Scorpio Rising may not give a lot away at first, preferring to hear all about you than talk about themselves. But if they warm to you then you’ll find a loyal, passionate person under that cool exterior. A warmer Sun Sign can speed up this process, but in general you need to earn the right to get to know a Scorpio Ascendant. 

Sagittarius Rising 

Outgoing Sagittarius Rising appears to be the comedian when you first meet them. They’re always the one cracking the jokes or making up silly dance routines for Tik Tok because they just can’t help themselves. Sagittarius Ascendants are smart, and sometimes sporty too, so there’s a competitive edge to their playful nature. When you first meet a Sagittarius Rising you could be taken aback by their lack of filter. They speak without thought, care or consideration for the opinion of others, although they never intend to cause offence deliberately.  

Capricorn Rising 

At surface level you may think a Capricorn Rising is super-serious and old before their time. They can come across as all work, no play, unless there’s a purpose to the play, of course. Capricorn Rising is an expert networker and social climber, always ready to say and do the right things in front of the people that matter. The Capricorn Ascendant enjoys their social status more than the actual process of socialising.

Aquarius Rising 

Often labelled as the outsider of the group, Aquarius Rising can appear detached and aloof when you first meet them. This sign is an unusual contradiction of the individual and the group. They enjoy a good social cause and the odd get-together, but need a lot of alone time. The Aquarius Ascendant has a rebellious spirit on the surface, yet a more conventional Sun Sign can help them to follow the rules when it matters. Aquarius Rising people are drawn to technology and like to make online connections. Some even prefer to connect on social media rather in person, due to their slightly awkward social skills. Aquarius Rising has a quick, dry sense of humour that may not be to everyone’s taste, but it’s usually how they make friends. 

Pisces Rising 

The compassionate Pisces Rising can look introverted at first glance, appearing to observe more than they interact, especially in a group situation. But this is a sign that has an open heart and mind, where it’s difficult to close the floodgates once they open. Pisces Ascendants often see the world, and other people, through rose-tinted glasses. This tendency to romanticise situations and people can lead to disappointment but there’s something endearing about someone who wants to see the best in everything. Natural artists, musicians and healers, Pisces Rising is a creative force for good in the world. 

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