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Your Full Moon in Aquarius Horoscope & Rituals

Your Full Moon in Aquarius Horoscope & Rituals

full moon in Aquarius

Occurring during Leo season, the Full Moon in Aquarius combines the elements of fire and air for emotional combustion. Full Moons are typically tricky to navigate, so here’s your guide to staying sane during the Full Moon in Aquarius…

What’s the meaning of the Full Moon in Aquarius? 

The Aquarius Full Moon is a lunar event that happens when the Moon is at its fullest point in Aquarius, opposite the Sun in Leo. Entertaining fire sign Leo always brings the party and community-conscious air sign Aquarius amplifies the energy. 

So is this Full Moon one big lunar party? Not quite, though the fire and air collision certainly encourages plenty of pleasure, creativity and good times. 

While the New Moon in Aquarius encourages fresh starts, the Aquarius Full Moon urges to look at the present and realise what we need to release.

The Full Moon in Aquarius illuminates global issues, collective causes, political parties, sports teams, social networks and groups of all kinds. When we experience an Aquarius Full Moon it’s common to see drama in group situations.

The singer leaves the band and goes solo or forms a new band. A new signing joins the football team, impacting the current lineup. The backbench politician starts a rebellion within his own party. One person’s crusade against global warming becomes a collective fight due to people power. 

The Aquarius Moon may bring up uncomfortable emotions, but the air sign energy encourages all zodiac signs to engage in creative thinking and collective problem solving. 

Find out when the next Full Moon in Aquarius takes place and discover what it means for you…

Full Moon in Aquarius Horoscope For Every Zodiac Sign


A situation involving a friend or co-worker could feel like hard work around the Full Moon in Aquarius. Your 11th House of social networks and groups is illuminated by this Full Moon, so step away from the scroll and dial down the drama in your social life. On a positive note, once those issues are out in the open it gives you an opportunity to resolve things. Your future hopes and dreams could get a boost on this Full Moon so take the chance to release any old wounds that are holding you back from a better place. 


It’s the end of an era in your professional life, as you say goodbye to a role you’ve taken as far as you can. This may be the culmination of a big project or even a new job on the horizon, but you’re ready to move on to the next challenge. Your 10th House is triggered by the Full Moon in Aquarius, which means your public reputation may be in the spotlight. This could be a positive time where you finally get the recognition you deserve for your professional achievements.


The Full Moon in Aquarius lights up your adventurous 9th House of higher learning and long distance travel. Be open to the possibility that you are ready to close the door on where you currently are and move on to something a whole lot bigger. Staying small is not an option right now and you’ll find the greatest fulfilment from expanding your horizons. If you’ve been studying or travelling for a long time, this may be the time to think about what comes next. It’s a good time to make major changes when it comes to your outlook on life. 


You always feel the Full Moons and this one goes deep in your personal life. The Full Moon in Aquarius lands in your 8th House, so shared resources and joint commitments weigh heavily on your mind. Are you in or are you definitely out? The Full Moon illuminates any emotional and financial debts that are weighing you down. Whether you are owed or you owe someone else, it may be time to settle the balance and release yourself from the tie. Alternatively, you could be ready to go in deeper. Split or commit? That’s the question the Full Moon wants you to answer.


The 7th House of partnerships and relationships is in focus during the Full Moon in Aquarius, your opposite sign. The heightened lunar energy may make your closest relationships feel intense, so take some space if you need it. This is a great time to balance the scales if you feel that you’ve been putting in more than you get back from one relationship in particular. Purge any toxic relationships that no longer serve you. If you’re single, you could meet someone that has the potential to be your partner. Opposites attract, so be open to someone that’s not your usual type.


The Full Moon in Aquarius could unsettle your routine, making you feel out of sorts. You like being in control of your schedule, but the lunar energy feels chaotic. Becoming hyper focused on the details is your modus operandi, yet the Full Moon could illuminate an important detail you’ve overlooked. Is your work and wellness routine really working for you? Maybe this is the time to let go of outdated or bad habits and try something new. A new way of doing things could be just what the doctor ordered to improve your physical and mental health.


Get ready to feel inspired, Libra, because this Full Moon is glowing with potential. The Full Moon in Aquarius lights up your 5th House of creativity, playfulness, pleasure and romance. If this is an area of your life that has felt lacking recently, then the Full Moon could bring some dramatic developments. Be open to letting your hair down and experiencing good times!


This could be an uncomfortable Full Moon for you, as it illuminates your home and family situation. Avoidance is not an option and the Full Moon in Aquarius encourages you to deal with any issues in this area of your life. Some Scorpios will feel that it’s the end of the road for a living situation and use this lunar energy to improve their home lives. Others won’t feel ready for change, but realise that it’s inevitable. Where do you call home? Is it still your place or have you outgrown it? That’s what this Full Moon is urging you to consider. 


The Full Moon in Aquarius falls in your 3rd House of communication, so watch your words! The heightened lunar energy could lead to crossed wires or cross words, and it’s best to avoid any big talks at this time. If you have something to say, leave it until after the Full Moon, when things feel slightly calmer. Your relationships with your neighbours, siblings and friends who feel like family are in focus right now, so think before you speak if you want to keep things harmonious. 


Money matters could come to a head on the Full Moon in Aquarius, as it triggers your 2nd House of worth and values. Whether you’ve been undervaluing or overvaluing yourself, the Full Moon will bring clarity to the situation. Use the lunar energy to leave behind a negative situation that’s been impacting on your own self-worth. The temptation to spend big on new things in order to comfort yourself will feel strong, but try to resist any impulse purchases. 

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The Full Moon in Aquarius is your annual reset, bringing your lunar year to a close. Matters related to your 1st House of self image, identity and appearance could feel magnified. It’s a time for looking into the moonlight and seeing what reflects back. Do you like what you see? This is an opportunity for honest assessment about your sense of self, who you are now and who you want to be. 


The Aquarian Full Moon falls in your spiritual 12th House, so this could be a time of heightened emotion and intuition. Your subconscious may be trying to tell you something and the Full Moon will illuminate any secrets that you’re keeping from yourself or others. Releasing thoughts and feelings that have been hidden below the surface could feel life changing for you and help your spiritual growth. Lean into the energy of the moon, keep an open mind and let your intuition guide you to a place of healing. If you need some help with this, try pulling a tarot card and take a closer look at what it represents. 

Full Moon in Aquarius Rituals

Aquarius is an eccentric air sign that dares to be different. It’s a conflicted zodiac sign that enjoys being in a group but loves to stand out from the crowd. Aquarius needs to belong but also needs a lot of solo time. It’s a rebel with a cause that wants radical change but only on their terms. Aquarians break the rules but want to set them for other people. 

You can blame this unique push-pull energy on the dual ruling planets for the sign of Aquarius. Saturn (structure and rules) is the ancient ruler of Aquarius while Uranus (rebellion and unpredictability) is the modern ruler of the zodiac sign. 

Your Aquarius Full Moon ritual should embrace the energy of this unique air sign!

  • Host an eclectic gathering of people from mixed social circles
  • Join or start a political movement/social cause that needs people power to achieve a greater good
  • Spend time on your own and recharge your energy ahead of socialising
  • Release negative energy by stating your thoughts aloud and thanking the universe for listening
  • Chase rainbows and make a wish when you see one
  • Do a purge on your social media feed and delete old posts that don’t represent who you are now
  • Also cleanse your social network platforms of any connections that no longer serve you
  • Participate in an online or in-person meditation class
  • Write down your old life rules, rip them up, burn them and release all that is holding you back

What to Wear on the Full Moon in Aquarius

Aquarius fashion is all about daring to be different, getting out of your comfort zone and standing out from the crowd.

Decorate your denim with badges and embroidery. Wear a full length sequin rainbow dress. Pair it with shiny silver metallic platform shoes. Carry a neon clutch bag. Go all out with mirrored sunglasses and a unicorn necklace. 

Wearing bold and bright colours on an Aquarius Full Moon will align with the energy of this eclectic air sign. Blue, indigo, yellow and silver are all great colours to wear when there’s a Full Moon in Aquarius. 

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