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Venus Retrograde 2023: What You Need To Know

Venus Retrograde 2023: What You Need To Know

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Most of us are fully up to speed on pesky Mercury retrograde, but what does it mean when there’s a Venus retrograde?

Yes, the planet of love, beauty and finances retrogrades regularly too, so here’s what you need to know…

The Meaning of Venus Retrograde Explained

Venus retrograde occurs when Venus appears to move backward (retrograde) in the sky. This happens around every 18 months or so and the retrograde period lasts around six weeks. During this time, the planet’s energy is inverted, encouraging us to hit pause on any new ideas or actions related to our values, appearance or love life. 

Past love, money and self-worth issues could reappear when Venus retrogrades. From old flames to old doubts, any situations that reoccur at this time are a reminder that there’s unfinished business. We can use the Venus retrograde period positively to go over old ground and resolve any outstanding issues once and for all. 

The Effects of Venus Retrograde

Fashion, Beauty & Appearance 

Glamorous Venus rules the fashion world, so when it retrogrades, things feel in a state of flux. The appeal of vintage, retro and pre-owned fashion is strong, as we are drawn to trends and styles from the past. It’s an excellent time to recycle favourite outfits from your wardrobe rather than investing in expensive new looks.

The Venus retrograde cycle lasts 18 months, so this is the ideal timeframe to review and overhaul our beauty and skincare regimes. Our skin may have changed since the last time we switched moisturiser or bought that facial cleanser, for example. The Venus retrograde period gives us a great excuse to review our vanity tables and do a purge on the products that no longer serve us. 

In general, Venus retrograde is not a great time to make any major decisions or changes relating to our appearance. If you’re thinking about a radical image change or cosmetic enhancement, wait until Venus is direct. When Venus goes direct, the planet’s energy is more favourable for investing in your appearance. 


If Venus retrograde was a song, it would be Case of The Ex by Mya.

Now what is it that she wants? She wants you to slow down and go over old ground. It could be a past lover or an old relationship wound, but these things resurface during Venus retrograde for a reason.

Tell me what is it that she needs? Venus is the goddess of love and she needs you to deal with past relationships so you can move on to a better future. So it’s not all bad news, but it could feel uncomfortable as we go through the healing process. 

The focus on the past during Venus retrograde means it’s not a great time to start a new relationship, but you can still explore your options. Keep the ‘Facebook official’ phase for when Venus goes direct.


Venus retrograde can also affect friendships, because they are the real loves of our life, right? If an old friend comes back on the scene during Venus retrograde then the issues from the past need to be resolved. Otherwise you have your old friend with the same old issues in your new life. And that’s not gonna work out. 

Sometimes old faces appear to remind us that we are different people now. It’s great to reminisce over the good times you had together during Venus retrograde. But unless you have evolved together, friends from the past are sometimes better left in the fond memory category. 


There may be less cash flowing during a Venus retrograde but it’s a great time to review your spending habits. The relationship you have with your money is ruled by the planet Venus, so it’s always worth assessing where things stand on the finance front. 

If you’re considering any high-ticket purchases or investments, wait until Venus goes direct, when the energy for financial transactions is more favourable. 

Values and Self-Worth

Money, finance and possessions are closely tied to your own self-worth and values, also ruled by Venus. During Venus retrograde, it’s common to feel vulnerable and seek validation from others instead of trusting our own intuition. It’s important to work on our self-worth and values during this time to become less reliant on external approval. 

Venus Retrograde Dates (2015-2030)

  • 16th December 2029 – 26th January 2030
  • 10th May – 22nd June 2028
  • 3rd October – 16th November 2026
  • 1st March -12th April 2025
  • 22nd July – 3rd September 2023
  • 19th December 2021 – 29th January 2022
  • 13th May – 25th June 2020
  • 5th October  – 16th November 2018
  • 4th March  – 15th April 2017
  • 25th July – 6th December 2015

Venus Retrograde in Leo Horoscope (22nd July-3rd September 2023)

The 2023 Venus retrograde in Leo affects the 5th House of the zodiac. When the planet of love retrogrades through the house of love… we could have a few issues! If ex-lovers reappear, past relationship issues reoccur and your love life feels a bit ‘on-hold’, it’s likely down to Venus retrograde in the sign of Leo.

Here’s what this summer’s Venus retrograde means for your zodiac sign:


Venus retrogrades through your 5th House of love, creativity and younger people, so expect past issues to surface here. Beware of any drama involving ex-lovers, children and passion projects, as things could get overheated. It’s good news if you were hoping for a reunion with a past love, as this is an ideal time to get back with an ex. But make sure any old issues are resolved before Venus stations direct in September. You can’t rewrite a love story gone wrong but you can start a fresh chapter when the old wounds have healed.


Previous issues related to your home or family members could resurface during this Venus retrograde. Steer clear of any drama and try to be the voice of reason, tapping into your ruler Venus’s preference for harmonious living. 

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This summer could be a nostalgic time for friendships, where faces and places from the past become important to you. High school reunions and revisiting childhood experiences could remind you of happier times. While it’s tempting to go back in time, try to live in the present and don’t forget about the current relationships you have with your close friends. 


Your 2nd House of values, self-worth and finances is triggered by Venus retrograde this summer. Past issues related to your self-esteem could resurface, but use this time to do the work and remind yourself of your true worth. If a financial, business or property matter you thought you’d dealt with re-emerges, don’t panic. This is just a minor blip and you’ll have it sorted by September. 


The temptation for self-obsession is strong this summer, but don’t let Venus retrograde pull you into a downward spiral of self-loathing. Amplify your many assets and forget about your flaws. They may seem obvious to you, but no-one else cares. It’s not a great time to make drastic changes to your appearance, so hold that thought and revisit things in the autumn.


Venus retrogrades through your spiritual 12th House, which could make you feel a bit vulnerable this summer. It’s a good time to focus on your emotional and physical wellbeing, revisiting some wellness routines that have worked for you in the past. If you need to go back to therapy, it’s not a sign of failure. It’s a sign of strength and understanding when you need to do the work. This too shall pass. 


Teamwork might make the dream work, but interpersonal relationships could feel difficult this summer. You’re usually a social butterfly, but the urge to fly solo is strong right now. To avoid any long term issues in your social circle, be clear on your boundaries and indulge in some ‘me’ time. You might want to reconnect with old friends on social media or dating apps, but think about whether these people are compatible with you in real life. 


This could be a frustrating time on the work front, as Venus retrogrades through your 10th House of career and ambition. It’s a good time to review your public profile and do an honest assessment of how your public image looks to those you want to impress. It’s not a good time to ask for a raise, but if you do the work now, you could put yourself in a great position by September. An old boss, colleague or workplace may contact you with an offer, but think twice before going back to a situation you might have moved on from. 


Your travel and education plans may be exciting, but they’re likely to also make an impact on your finances. Do the maths and make sure the sums add up before you invest in an expensive course or luxurious holiday. Going back to a place you studied, lived or worked previously could be an option for you this summer. 


Venus retrograde brings out a touch of jealousy and possessiveness in your relationships. If you have joint finances and commitments with another person, things may feel very heavy. The temptation to pull away from serious ties is strong, but you need to be aware of the fallout if you choose to walk away. Review any contracts, especially involving money, and make sure you know where you stand in the event of a split. 


There’s an old saying about opposites attracting and you might find this to be true during Venus retrograde. An unconventional or unexpected partnership could bring out the best in both of you, so keep an open mind. Beware of old relationship issues rearing their head at this time. 


Venus retrograde in your 6th House encourages you to clean up your romantic and financial life. Remove toxic behaviour when it comes to love and money and cut out any negative influences that are having an effect on your self-esteem. It’s a good time to review your beauty regime and clear out any products that no longer work for you. If any health problems occur during this time, make sure you tackle them head on before they linger or affect your self-esteem.

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