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What The New Moon In Aquarius Means For Your Zodiac Sign

What The New Moon In Aquarius Means For Your Zodiac Sign

new moon in Aquarius

The New Moon in Aquarius comes around once a year and it’s always a great time for new beginnings. 

Air sign Aquarius rules the 11th House of friends, groups, technology and social causes, so a New Moon in Aquarius is ideal for a fresh start in this area of your life.

The Aquarius New Moon is a good time to begin any new projects that have an 11th House interest.

Start a political movement, join a punk rock band or launch a groundbreaking new social media app that sets the world on fire. 

Whatever you decide to start on the Aquarius New Moon, it should be rebellious, unconventional and result in radical changes where you need them.

This particular New Moon is also a potent time for ex-friends and lovers to show up in your life. 

Even if this is not good news, you can set some intentions on this New Moon that results in a better relationship with new and old friends. 

If you have personal planets in Aquarius in your birth chart then you may be more affected by this New Moon.

Check when the next New Moon in Aquarius is on our New Moon Calendar and prepare to manifest some magic!

Read on to discover the meaning of the New Moon in Aquarius for your star sign…


Use the New Moon in Aquarius to set some new intentions when it comes to your friends, teams and group activities. If you’ve been meaning to wipe the slate clean with an ongoing friendship drama, then now’s the time to draw a line under it and move on. You’ve not got time or energy for grudges, so let go of any friends or connections that are intent on living in the past or resorting to sabotaging behaviour patterns. Bored of your social media feed? Maybe it’s time for some lunar cleansing, so unfollow anyone that invokes feelings of envy and unhappiness. Clearing out the old will make way for some positive vibes in your online and IRL social circles. 


It’s time to think about what you want to happen in your career over the next six months. From that plush corner office to being headhunted by your dream company, create some positive vibes on this Aquarius New Moon and you could plant the seeds of something special. Create a visualisation board on Pinterest that’s filled with boss babe inspiration to help manifest your lofty aspirations.  When you believe, you can achieve!


Dreaming of jumping on a jet plane or expanding your horizons by learning a new subject? Now is the time to get booking, Gemini! The Aquarius New Moon encourages you to open your mind to possibilities and experiences that will take you far, so check out flights and look up some courses that take your fancy. If not now, then when? Well, possibly in six months when this lunar cycle completes. What you start now could really happen as soon as that, so put your energy into planning for the adventure of a lifetime. 


You’ve got some pretty serious stuff on your mind, so aim for a fresh start in this area of your life. From forever homes to forever after, think about what you need to achieve this year and set some new goals. If you’re trying to clear some debts, this is the perfect time to start a new financial regime or open a savings account that helps you move towards a better money mindset. Clear your bedroom of any blockers and ask the New Moon in Aquarius to bring some positive energy to your boudoir.


A fresh start on the relationship and partnership front beckons on the New Moon in Aquarius. You’d be wise to let go of previous grievances with anyone that you care about so that you can move forward in a partnership with positive energy. If you’re single and fed up with the endless swiping on dating apps, try writing down a list of what you’re looking for in your ideal partner. Looking beyond appearances and focusing on what you want a relationship to bring you could help attract a better calibre of date over the next six months. 

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You love a routine, Virgo, but if your current work and wellness habits aren’t working for you then now is the time to create some new ones. Use the energy of the Aquarius New Moon to manifest some fresh goals on the health and work front, clearing out anything that no longer serves you. If you’re in need of some inspiration, download a meditation or workout app and try some new methods of improving your mind, body and spirit.


You’re always in the mood for some love and fun, Libra, so let the New Moon in Aquarius guide you to happier times. If you’re a single Libra searching for a soulmate, write down what your ideal love interest looks like. Putting your wish list down on paper could help your indecisive nature reach a clearer vision of what you want. This lunar Aquarian energy will also boost your creativity, so if you’ve been deliberating over learning some professional makeup skills or starting up an artistic side-hustle, now is the time.


A new start on the home front beckons on the New Moon in Aquarius. Use the energy of la luna to visualise what your dream domestic setup looks like. Create a Pinterest board full of interior inspo and follow some new interior-focused influencers on Instagram to generate some ideas. Once you’ve nailed what your dream pad looks like, you can start to make progress on manifesting the makeover or move that will bring you happiness. You can also use the Aquarius New Moon to make a fresh start with family members or roommates that have been out of sorts recently. Wipe the slate clean and lay down some new rules for domestic bliss over the coming months. 


If you’ve got ambitions related to communications, then the New Moon in Aquarius is encouraging you to work towards your goals. Whether it’s publishing a book, writing a blog or starting a podcast, the only way to do it is to start. Once the words begin to flow, the Aquarius New Moon will help them manifest into something unique. Problems with neighbours and siblings? Use the energy of this New Moon to agree a fresh start with your closest connections and forget about any past disagreements.


Manifesting your money goals on the Aquarius New Moon aligns with your ambitious nature. While wishing for abundance rarely brings home a fortune, if you put together an action plan for achieving financial rewards, then you may just realise them. If you’ve got your eyes on a big ticket prize like a new property or designer handbag, pin your dream purchase to a visualisation board on Pinterest and plan out how much you need to save each month so that your dream becomes a reality. Ain’t no mountain too high for you glamorous goats when you put your mind to it!


A New Moon in your own sign is the perfect time to set some personal goals for the coming year. Think of this as your very own lunar new year – after all, you do love to be different, Aquarius. Where do you want to be and what do you want your life to look like in six months’ time? Use that active imagination of yours to think outside the box and manifest a life less ordinary. Set some brave and bold goals for yourself that will elevate your profile or personal brand and track your progress on a Trello board to satisfy your tech-savvy style.


Do some soul-searching on the New Moon in Aquarius and dig deep to discover what you really need from life over the next six months. Some new goals on the mental health front could help improve your general wellbeing. Light a candle and meditate under the rays of the soothing New Moon to visualise what you need to make room for in your life. It’s an ideal time to speak to a trusted confidante or counsellor and take the first steps to improving your mind, body and spirit this year.

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