Manifest magic with all the New Moon dates in 2023

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Discover all the 2023 New Moon dates and their meanings

A key time in the lunar cycle, a New Moon signals new beginnings in an area of our lives.

To make the most of the New Moon energy, take note of the New Moon dates and which zodiac sign they occur in.

Once you know the New Moon dates, you can add them to your calendar and block out some time to manifest with the Moon.

Manifesting on the New Moon dates is a powerful ritual for anyone that believes in lunar magic.

You can create your own New Moon ritual using crystals, candles and affirmations.

When is the next New Moon in 2023?

All of the New Moon dates in 2023 are listed below and you can add the next New Moon date to your calendar using Google’s genius Phases of the Moon calendar

There are 12 New Moons in 2023, starting with an Aquarius New Moon and ending with a Sagittarius New Moon.

This means there are no Capricorn New Moons and two Aries New Moons in 2023!

New Moon Dates 2023 (UK)

  • 21st January – Aquarius New Moon
  • 20th February – Pisces New Moon
  • 21st March – Aries New Moon
  • 20th April – Aries New Moon
  • 19th May – Taurus New Moon
  • 18th June – Gemini New Moon
  • 17th July – Cancer New Moon
  • 16th August – Leo New Moon
  • 15th September – Virgo New Moon
  • 14th October – Libra New Moon
  • 13th November – Scorpio New Moon
  • 12th December – Sagittarius New Moon

2023 New Moons and their meanings

Now that you know when the next New Moon occurs, it’s time to get ahead of the lunar game and prepare for the New Moon energy.

New moons are the best dates to manifest in 2023, so it’s a great time to set your intentions.

Every New Moon has a unique meaning based on the zodiac sign it takes place in, which is helpful for figuring out where you should focus your energy at this time.

If you know your birth chart, you can go more in-depth and look at which house the New Moon falls in.

Even if you don’t know your natal chart, you can still harness the power of the New Moon by picking up on the energy of the zodiac sign it occurs in.

Discover the meaning of the New Moons and prepare to manifest some magic!

New Moon in Aquarius

21st January 2023

The future-focused New Moon in Aquarius encourages us to let go of outdated connections, whether that’s people or technology. Try a new way of connecting with the groups, teams and tribes in your life. Or join a new movement that’s got people power at its heart. While the Aquarius New Moon urges us to become more humanitarian in our actions, it also reminds us that being unique and individual is just as important. What are your hopes and wishes for your tribe and your vibe this year? 

New Moon in Pisces

20th February 2023

A Pisces New Moon can be the perfect time for reflection, where we are almost ready to emerge from winter hibernation and step into spring. Pisces energy is creative, emotional and intuitive, so tune into your inner self. New beginnings on the inside lead to fresh takes on the outside. This is a great time to find a new therapist, yoga class or meditation routine that enhances your inner wellbeing. 

New Moon in Aries

21st March 2023

The Aries New Moon is full of passion and enthusiasm for new beginnings. Aries is the sign that loves to try things first and go boldly where no other sign has gone before, so use this fearless energy to your advantage. Start a personal project that gets you fired up and proceed with courage, regardless of what anyone else thinks. The New Moon in Aries does not care for outside opinions and this zero f*cks energy can be amazing if you decide to go after your dreams. 

New Moon in Aries (Solar Eclipse)

20th April 2023

The second Aries New Moon in 2023 is a solar eclipse, guaranteed to shake things up and make life a little bit more interesting. This potent New Moon brings Aries season to a dramatic close, forcing you to leave the past behind and embrace an exciting new future. Take inspiration from the sign of the Ram and dive headfirst into new adventures or give a part of your old life a very blunt chop. Be bold and release the old to make way for the new!

New Moon in Taurus

19th May 2023

Our senses are awakened under the Taurus New Moon. The most tactile sign of the zodiac, Taurus energy is all about immersing ourselves in the sensory experience of new beginnings. This New Moon is the perfect time to visualise what you want your life to look, taste, smell and feel like. Try manifesting your dreams at the New Moon in Taurus by creating a vision board you can look at or surround yourself with scents that are reminiscent of the place you want to be. 

New Moon in Gemini

18th June 2023

The lively Gemini New Moon encourages us to find our voice and get it out into the world. Gemini energy is all about thinking, speaking and writing, full of ideas that deserve to be heard. The New Moon in Gemini is a great time to listen to what your heart is telling you, write down your hopes dreams and say your positive affirmations aloud. Ask the universe and you may just receive…

New Moon in Cancer

17th July 2023

The Moon is in its comfort zone in Cancer, so this is a time for peak lunar energy. Ruled by the Moon, Cancer is a water sign that feels all the feels and is fiercely protective over their home and family. This emotional energy can feel quite powerful at the Cancer New Moon, where we pick up on our inner feelings about our living arrangements. Feeling ‘at home’ with ourselves and others is important to us at the New Moon in Cancer, so it’s a good time to start a renovation project, purchase a new property to renew family relationships. 

See Also

New Moon in Leo

16th August 2023

A Leo New Moon is an exciting time full of creative and passionate energy. Leo is a playful, loving and youthful sign that always wants us to live our best lives. The New Moon in Leo is the perfect time to ask yourself if you are truly living your best life. If not, what needs to change for that to happen? Leo New Moons are popular times for new romances and passion projects to start, allowing your creative self to shine through. 

New Moon in Virgo

15th September 2023

There’s always back to school vibes when the Virgo New Moon occurs. And, yes, it’s a great time to invest in new stationery and planners to get yourself organised for the academic year ahead. But more than that, the New Moon in Virgo asks us to analyse our everyday lives and be honest about where we need a fresh start. Is your work and wellness routine really working for you? Tune into the Virgo New Moon energy and pick up on any details you need to refine going forward. 

New Moon in Libra

14th October 2023

Our relationships with others go under the spotlight of the Libra New Moon, which encourages us to take an honest look at our opposites in life. This is a time where fresh starts are called for, whether it’s your former, current or potential partner in romance, business or life. If you’re looking for love, a new mindset and approach can be started under the New Moon in Libra. Write down what you’re looking for in a partner to get clear on what’s most important to you. Bringing more balance to your life at this time can also be important, so make some fresh promises to yourself about where you spend your time and energy if the scales feel off. 

New Moon in Scorpio

13th November 2023

The mystical New Moon in Scorpio brings an intense energy to the world. Scorpios are known for going in deep and the Scorpio New Moon can bring some uncomfortable thoughts, feelings and desires to the surface. Tap into your heightened psychic energy at this time to ask for what you truly want and need in your life. 

New Moon in Sagittarius

12th December 2023

December’s New Moon is in fiery Sagittarius, so the energy feels quite full-on. A Sagittarius New Moon provides a dose of optimism and open-mindedness to our thoughts, making us feel like anything is possible. The New Moon in Sagittarius encourages us to think about expansion and with one month left of the calendar year, this is the ideal time to manifest a bigger future. Travel, study and publishing plans are all blessed under this New Moon, so think global, even if you need to stay local… for now.

Is there a Black Moon in 2023?

There’s no Black Moon in 2023 because a Black Moon occurs when there’s a second New Moon in a calendar month.

Black Moons only happen around once every two and a half years, so they are quite rare.

The next Black Moon is on 30th December 2024, because it’s the second New Moon in the calendar month. 

For more tips on making the most of this lunar energy, check out this post on manifesting with the moon.

You can also pin this New Moon calendar as a handy reminder of all the New Moon dates in 2023.

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