Zodiac Sign Dates: Discover What Your Star Sign Is

what's my zodiac sign?

Do you know what star sign you are? The zodiac sign dates, also referred to as your sun sign or star sign, are based on your date of birth.

The date you were born matters in astrology because we look at the exact time and date you arrived into the world to determine which sign that the Sun, and every other planet, was in at that time.

Once you know your zodiac sign, you can read sun sign horoscopes for your star sign and find out what it means to be a particular zodiac sign.

What are the zodiac sign dates for every star sign?

You can find out what star sign you are by looking at the zodiac sign dates below.

Zodiac signs are based on a date range of around a month, so if you were born within this date range, then the Sun was in this sign when you were born and that is your star sign. 

Aries star sign dates: 21st March-19th April

Taurus star sign dates: 20th April-20th May

Gemini star sign dates: 21st May-20th June

Cancer star sign dates: 21st June-22nd July

Leo star sign dates: 23rd July-22nd August

Virgo star sign dates: 23rd August-22nd September

Libra star sign dates: 23rd September-22nd October

Scorpio star sign dates: 23rd October-21st November

Sagittarius star sign dates: 22nd November-21st December

Capricorn star sign dates: 22nd December-19th January

Aquarius star sign dates: 20th January-18th February

Pisces star sign dates: 19th February-20th March

What if I was born on the cusp – is that a thing?

The dates of the zodiac can shift by up to a day or so each year, so if your birthday is at the beginning or end of the zodiac sign dates, then it’s known as being born on the cusp in astrology.

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If you were born on the cusp, try to find out the exact date and time that you were born so you can be sure of your star sign.

Some astrologers say that you can take on aspects of both sun signs if you were born on the cusp, but an accurate birth time usually indicates that you are very much aligned with the sign that the Sun is in.

Is there a 13th zodiac sign and do I have a new star sign? 

No and no.

In Western astrology, zodiac signs are based on seasons, not constellations, so the discovery of a new constellation ain’t gonna change the fact that you’re a cool Capricorn or fiery Aries. 

And no one’s zodiac sign is Ophiuchus, because the star sign Ophiuchus doesn’t exist.

Which is quite handy, because it also means we don’t need to know how to pronounce it!

That’s pretty much all you need to know on this, but if you do want to read more about why this annoying rumour resurfaces every year (and why it’s nonsense!), check out this long-read article from the Queen of Astrology, Susan Miller.

The important thing to note is, no matter how much the astronomers at NASA try to play with our heads, we know that there is no thirteenth star sign.

So quit Googling ‘has my star sign changed?’ and continue living your best astro-life!

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