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Full Moon In Virgo Rituals That Channel Your Inner Earth Goddess

Full Moon In Virgo Rituals That Channel Your Inner Earth Goddess

full moon in virgo rituals

The Virgo Full Moon has some serious Marie Kondo vibes, so it’s the perfect time to honour la luna’s wishes with a Full Moon in Virgo ritual. 

Virgo is a grounded earth sign that likes things to be organised, on-time and on-schedule. Put the date of the next Virgo Full Moon in your calendar to avoid being late to the party and missing out on the lunar magic! You can also use a moon cycle calendar to keep yourself on track with lunar phases.

Falling in Pisces season, the Virgo Moon is a great time to clear away old thoughts and patterns before the spring equinox and the start of the astrological new year. 

Here’s seven things you can do to create a Full Moon in Virgo ritual that aligns with the earthy energy of the full moon…

1. Clear the clutter

The Full Moon in Virgo encourages us to get real about the mess in our mind, body and sacred spaces.

What are you holding on to that’s getting in the way of your progress?

Virgo is a zodiac sign that takes no prisoners when it comes to culling the excess baggage, so have a proper look at where you’re being weighed down by non-essentials. 

From Facebook friends that you don’t remember in real life to those jeans that haven’t buttoned up in a decade, it’s time to take some deep breaths and make that long overdue clearout. 

Releasing what no longer works in your life can make space for some new perspectives that align better with your present self. 

2. Cleanse your mind, body and spirit

Clean eating may not sound like much fun, but health-focused Virgo welcomes a cleanse that comes from the inside out.

You are what you eat, drink and think, after all, so ask yourself if you’re fuelling your physical body and mind with benefits or baggage.

Even if it’s only for one day, you could honour the earthy spirit of the Full Moon in Virgo by vowing to only have healthy treats and thoughts.

Start your day with a smoothie and a smile, participate in a guided meditation and steer clear of sugar. 

Try replacing your usual shampoo and skincare with organic and toxin-free products or fill your home with fresh flowers.

The Full Moon in Virgo will glow with appreciation at your wellness efforts!

3. Find a furry friend

Virgo and the 6th House rule our pets, so this point in the lunar cycle is perfect for connecting with furry friends. 

Animals are intuitive by nature and they could be sensitive to the Full Moon’s energy. Pay attention to how your pet behaves and include them in a calming Full Moon in Virgo ritual. 

A moonlit walk in nature or soothing cuddles with your pet could be a mutually beneficial part of your Virgo Full Moon ritual. You could also try sitting their bowl of water below the window on the night of the Full Moon so it soaks up the moonlight. 

Not got a pet? Adopt a friend or family member’s companion for the day or look into adopting/sponsoring a rescue animal instead. 

4. Embrace your inner Earth Goddess

Virgo is an Earth Sign, so use the Virgo Full Moon to get in touch with nature.

As winter comes to an end, it’s the ideal time to get out in the fresh air and look for the first signs of spring.

Pick some flowers while you enjoy a walk in the outdoors and use them as part of your Full Moon ritual. 

5. Be of service

Showing up and being of service is a key Virgo trait, so this is a Full Moon that encourages us to think about other people.

How are you serving the people in your life right now? When was the last time you did something for someone else and didn’t expect anything in return?

Being selfless is an amazing act of kindness right now and there might be someone in your life that massively appreciates your kind gesture.

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If you’re already doing A LOT for others, then this Full Moon is the time to evaluate just how much you are serving others and what you’re gaining in return.

Are you all give while everyone else is take, take, take? Or maybe it’s the other way round. 

It might be time to redress the balance a bit so it’s a fairer setup. 

6. Work, work, work…

Yes, Virgo energy is restless and doesn’t settle when there’s work to be done.

Look at your daily practices to see what can be improved as part of your Full Moon in Virgo ritual. 

Full Moons can often bring situations to a head, so if a work issue has been bubbling up, it may just come to the surface right now.

Don’t quit your day job! Or maybe that’s exactly what you should do if your daily life doesn’t bring you joy. 

Before you bid a tearful goodbye to your co-workers over Zoom, you’d be wise to prepare a Virgo-style exit plan that figures out the details of any bold moves. 

If you fail to prepare, be prepared to fail, whispers the Virgo Full Moon in the sky!  

7. Delve into the detail

The Full Moon in Virgo is all about the details, so pay attention to what the lunar energy is telling you.

Full Moons are a time of release and letting go of what’s no longer serving you is an important part of creating Full Moon rituals.

Sometimes it helps to get it all down on a piece of paper, so download our Virgo Full Moon Workbook below to help guide your thoughts.

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