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Zodiac Fashion: How to dress for your sign based on your birth chart

Zodiac Fashion: How to dress for your sign based on your birth chart

zodiac fashion how to dress for your sign

Analysing your birth chart can be a fascinating way to discover yourself, but it can also show you how to dress for your sign. 

And not just your Sun sign, although that is majorly important too. 

The planets and houses in your natal chart hold the key to creating a personal style, brand and look that’s in total alignment with who you really are.

Unlocking the zodiac style secrets of your personal horoscope is really easy when you know how.

If you don’t already know your birth chart then you can get a free natal chart on this website.

Here’s a few key planets and houses to check out, so you can dress for your sign in style!

Sun Sign

Your sun sign, otherwise known as your zodiac sign or star sign, is the true you.

When it comes to your clothing style, your zodiac sign has a strong influence on the way you dress.

Look to the characteristics and traits associated with your Sun sign to discover what works best for you.

It’s no coincidence that balance-loving Libras are the queens of the co-ord or that Geminis are fashion magpies, drawn to anything that sparkles. 

All of the signs rule certain areas of the body, so this body part is often an area of interest in your wardrobe.

sun in Aries red hat

Sun in Aries people often opt for statement hats, as this sign rules the head, for example.

The ruling planet of a zodiac sign can also influence the style of your Sun sign.

Leo, ruled by The Sun, is often drawn to gold, while Cancer, ruled by The Moon, prefers shimmering silver shades.

You may find that you’re drawn to your zodiac sign colours and you can use these shades to create a complementary colour palette that aligns with your star sign’s style. 

The element your Sun sign belongs to is also important when it comes to dressing for your sign.

For example, Fire Signs often prefer strong shades while Air signs like to keep things light. 

Rising Sign/1st House

In most astrology house systems, your rising sign is found in the 1st house of your natal chart.

The 1st House in astrology rules your image, your brand and the ‘face’ you present to the world.

Therefore, your rising sign and 1st house placements are important indicators when it comes to creating your personal style. 

Look at the zodiac sign and planets that appear in your 1st house.

What do the signs and planets say about your style?

Venus Sign

In astrology and mythology, Venus is the goddess of love, beauty and money.

Where Venus shows up in your birth chart is an important indicator of your values when it comes to clothes and beauty. 

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venus in taurus luxury

If you have Venus in Taurus in the 2nd house, for example, it’s likely that you have expensive taste and an appreciation for luxurious style. 

Fast fashion addict? I wouldn’t be surprised if you have Venus in Aries, where the need for speed and newness is strong!

Your Venus sign will also shed light on your makeup and beauty style, too. 

Think of the gothic glamour that Venus in Scorpio brings to the dressing table or the natural beauty associated with Venus in Taurus. 

2nd House/8th House

The theme of value can also be found in the 2nd and 8th Houses in your natal chart.

These houses relate to your money and possessions (2nd House) and also other people’s money (8th House).

Therefore these houses are a strong indicator of how much or little you value when it comes to shopping.

Earlier I mentioned Venus in the 2nd House, but if your chart has Venus in the 8th House, then you might be comfortable getting into debt to feed your shopping habit. 

Are you a Klarna Queen? Check out your 8th House, it might throw up some fascinating insights on your shopping style!

Need more inspiration on how to dress for your sign?

Check out these famous zodiac fashion icons, featuring some amazingly accurate zodiac outfits!

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