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10 Famous Aries Celebrities And Their Fiery Fashion Style

10 Famous Aries Celebrities And Their Fiery Fashion Style

Famous Aries celebrities fashion style

It’s easy to spot famous Aries celebrities on the red carpet and in real life. These fiery fashion icons prefer a fuss-free uniform with clean lines and a military-inspired colour palette featuring red, khaki, black and white.

The trademark Aries fashion look is sharp, edgy and bold in colour, with a sport or utility influence. Don’t be surprised to see a statement hat or slick of red lipstick, as these are an Aries style icon’s favourite accessories.

The Aries symbol is the ram and this animal likes to lead the fashion flock, not follow it.

There’s also a rebellious side to the Aries fashionista and they think that style rules were meant to be broken.

From Lady Gaga’s unique meat dress to Kristen Stewart wearing trainers on the red carpet, there’s no style rule that an Aries isn’t up for breaking in the name of fashion.

Famous Aries Celebrities: The Style Icons

When it comes to fashion icons, there’s a real mix of Aries singers, models and actresses to choose from.

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All of them have one thing in common: they like to be first to wear a trend or design. If it’s already been seen on someone else, forget it, as Aries fashion is all about new.

Here’s our favourite Aries celebrities showing how to do fire sign fashion, ram style…

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