Read your Leo monthly horoscope to find out what the stars have in store for you this month…

Leo April 2021 Horoscope

You’re coming out of hibernation and you’re thirsty for knowledge, travel and an expansion of your horizons.

Being cooped up like a caged lion does not suit your style, Leo, and you’re begging to be set free into the wild.

The spotlight is on your travel and education plans, so think about what life after lockdown could look like for you and make a decision to go for it. 

Set your intentions on the New Moon on the 11th and give yourself some shiny new things to tick off that bucket list. 

When the Sun and Mercury move into Taurus on the 19th, you might be all work and no play, but the graft you put in over the next month could really drive your career ambitions forward. 

Leo Fashion Horoscope

Every month I use the Fashion Oracles to draw a card for each zodiac sign.

The famous fashion faces and style icons deliver an important message for your zodiac sign, contained in the illustration and words on the card.

What message is this month’s fashion oracle card reading delivering for you?

Karlie Kloss fashion oracle card

Karlie Kloss

Born on 3rd August 1992, supermodel Karlie is a typically glamorous Leo icon.

In a surprising plot twist, the former Victoria’s Secret model is now more focused on philanthropy and tech entrepreneurship than fashion. 

This card encourages you to stand tall, inside and out, proud of who you are and not who everyone else expects you to be. 

You don’t need a label, you need a smile – and that will come when you’re truly happy on the inside.