Read your Libra monthly horoscope to find out what the stars have in store for you this month…

Libra April 2021 Horoscope

Your ruling planet, Venus, spends most of the month in your opposite sign, Aries, so expect to feel some conflicting emotions.

Is this a battle between the head and the heart? Or a power struggle within a partnership? A choice between two potential lovers?

It’s a nightmare for your indecisive nature, but listen to your intuition and you’ll make the right call, eventually.

With chatty Mercury and the Sun also in Aries, you’ll be so focused on the other person in this situation that you might forget about yourself.

Time to balance those scales and make sure it’s a truly equal partnership, Libra. 

When Venus moves into Taurus on the 19th you’ll be ready for some serious alone time with someone special, or special enough for right now. 

The last week of the month is for indulging this fantasy, so enjoy it while it lasts. 

Libra Fashion Horoscope

Every month I use the Fashion Oracles to draw a card for each zodiac sign.

The famous fashion faces and style icons deliver an important message for your zodiac sign, contained in the illustration and words on the card.

What message is this month’s fashion oracle card reading delivering for you?

Miuccia Prada fashion oracle card

Miuccia Prada

The Italian fashion designer, Miuccia Prada, is a Taurus who is ruled by Venus, like Libra.

Having Venus as your ruling planet means you will always have a strong sense of what is beautiful, aesthetically pleasing and valuable. 

As the card says, fashion is a sixth sense and most Libras have a natural flair for dressing very well and knowing what style is. 

If in doubt wear black but being more diamond-like — strong and full of sparkle — is where you really shine, Libra. 

You’re a cut above, so make sure the people in your life really value you for who you are.