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What the blue Full Moon on Halloween means for your star sign

What the blue Full Moon on Halloween means for your star sign

blue full moon on halloween October 2020

Just when you thought this year couldn’t get any spookier, there’s a Full Moon on Halloween and it’s big news for your star sign.

Here’s why:

  • This Halloween Full Moon, known as the Hunter’s Moon, is also a Blue Moon
  • A Blue Moon occurs when there’s two Full Moons within one calendar month
  • As there was already a Full Moon in Aries at the beginning of October 2020, the Halloween Full Moon in Taurus is the second one this month
  • A Full Moon on Halloween is quite a rare event that only happens every 18 to 19 years, according to The Old Farmer’s Almanac

So it’s bound to be an eventful October Full Moon for your zodiac sign!

To make the most of this magical moon, read this post on Full Moon rituals.

Here’s what October’s Taurus Full Moon means for your star sign…

Your October 2020 Full Moon Horoscope


Falling in your second house of finance and self-worth, this Full Moon could bring some emotions to the surface related to how you make, save and spend money. Your financial attitude is tied to your own values and sense of worth, so a situation may arise in your professional life that leads to you questioning how aligned you really are with your current job. It may be end the road for this particular role or you reach the realisation that you need a lot more than basic income from your job. 


A Full Moon in your sign will have you questioning who you really are and if that’s reflected in how you come across right now. Everything from how you look to how you present yourself as a brand on your social profiles will be in focus right now. You could be doing some soul-searching on Halloween.


You’ve been keeping a lot of things to yourself recently. Usually the chattiest sign of the zodiac, there are some things that you’ve just preferred to keep hidden and deal with on your own. The Full Moon may bring some of these issues to the surface. Secrets that are no longer buried could bring you closer to those that want to help you, if you’ll let them in. 


Your team or tribe are tricky right now and it’s making you feel overwhelmed. Take a step back and look at the friendship group, work colleagues or social network objectively. Who needs to go and who can you really not afford to lose? Focus on the people who matter and you’ll feel more supported than trying to herd those who are never going to be on board. 


It’s a time of reckoning for one ambition. Are you smashing that goal or is it time to release this one? Use the power of the Full Moon to give you guidance on what no longer serves your higher purpose. Maybe six months ago this is what you really wanted, but does it benefit your career ambitions now? It’s time to deal with the reality of where you are and move forward with passion.


You’ve been more physically restricted than you would’ve liked this year, which has caused havoc with your travel and education goals. Letting go of your plans doesn’t mean you won’t be able to achieve them at all. You just need to reframe the way you go about things. If you can’t hop on a plane to expand you outlook on life, what can you aim for instead? An online course? A virtual retreat? The options are there if you focus on the now. 


With Mercury Retrograde in the mix, there’s a real possibility that you’re thinking about the ghosts of relationships past. This is upsetting and it doesn’t serve you. Let it all go. Instead of thinking about what might’ve been, you need to focus on what could be. Who are you with right now and how could this work better for you? If you’re single, what kind of person would truly be compatible for your romantic hopes and dreams? Letting go of what doesn’t work can make room for something that really does. 

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An emotionally charged situation with a romantic or business partner has the potential for fireworks. It might be the season, but these sparks won’t bring you any joy. Mercury Retrograde in your sign could have you saying a lot of things you’ll live to regret later. Take some time and space away from this heated situation, unless you want it to boil over. 


How has your work and wellness routine been working out for you lately? It’s time for an honest assessment of what’s going on with your mind, body and soul. Some things may need to go so you can live a better and more fulfilled day to day existence. If something doesn’t bring you happiness or move you closer to a goal, release it on this Full Moon and you’ll make way for better opportunities. 


What’s going on with your love life? Do you even have one? Being in love with your career doesn’t count, Capricorn. If you’ve been lacking some creative spark outside of the office, this Full Moon could bring up some uncomfortable emotions. It’s better to deal with them now to avoid them resurfacing later. We all have needs, make sure you’re finding a way to get yours met. 


The current living situations aren’t ideal for most of us right now, but your lockdown life may be causing you more tension than most. As a freedom-loving sign, it’s only natural that you’ll feel like a caged bird if you’re living with restrictions that affect your home and family. If you feel the tension in the air on the Full Moon at Halloween, it could be time to address what’s making this this feel like such a big deal. You can’t change the world outside but you can improve how you relate to your home and family setup, so that this situation works a bit better for everyone involved.  


You’ve very aware of your neighbourhood right now, probably as a result of spending more time in it than you’d like. If it’s been frustrating for you that you can’t go far beyond your own front door, ask yourself how you can gain enjoyment from what and who is near your doorstep. If there’s really nothing you can take as a positive, then this Full Moon will feel like D-Day for you. Why are you staying here when the people and places you love, want and need are elsewhere?  

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