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All the Full Moon Dates in 2021 for your calendar

All the Full Moon Dates in 2021 for your calendar

full moon dates 2021

Known as the peak point in the lunar cycle, the Full Moon heightens the emotional energy around us.

Therefore it’s always useful to know when the next Full Moon is and which zodiac sign it’s in.

Below is a list of all the Full Moon dates in 2021 and the names of the next Full Moons, so you can mark the dates in your diary. 

What is a Full Moon?

When the face of the Moon is illuminated entirely by the Sun, it’s known as a Full Moon.

It’s usually easy to tell when there’s a Full Moon in the sky, as it appears as a completely lit circle, rather than a partially lit circle or crescent, like other lunar phases. 

The Moon doesn’t produce any visible light of its own, so is dependent on light from the Sun to make it visible to us from Earth. 

Because the Moon, the Sun and Earth are constantly on the move, this leads to us seeing different parts of the moon during the 29.5 day lunar cycle.

When is the next Full Moon?

The date of the next Full Moon is never far away, so get ready for it with this handy list of Full Moon dates in 2021. 

There are 12 Full Moons in 2021, each with its own unique name – all of these dates are for Full Moons in the UK, so if you’re based elsewhere the dates may be slightly out.

full moon in Leo wolf moon

Full Moon in Leo 2021

January 28th 

Wolf Moon

Full moon in virgo snow moon

Full Moon in Virgo 2021

February 27th

Snow Moon

libra full moon worm moon

Full Moon in Libra 2021

March 28th

Worm Moon

full moon in scorpio pink moon

Full Moon in Scorpio 2021

April 27th

Pink Moon

Sagittarius full moon flower moon

Full Moon in Sagittarius 2021

May 26th

Flower Moon

capricorn full moon strawberry moon

Full Moon in Capricorn 2021

June 24th

Strawberry Moon

Aquarius full moon buck moon

Full Moon in Aquarius 2021

July 24th

Buck Moon

pisces full moon sturgeon moon

Full Moon in Pisces 2021

August 22nd

Sturgeon Moon

aries full moon harvest moon

Full Moon in Aries

September 21st

Harvest Moon

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taurus full moon hunter's moon

Full Moon in Taurus 2021

October 20th

Hunter’s Moon

gemini full moon beaver moon

Full Moon in Gemini 2021

November 19th

Beaver Moon

cancer full moon cold moon

Full Moon in Cancer 2021

December 19th

Cold Moon

What does the Full Moon mean for your zodiac sign?

As a general rule, you’ll feel the effects of the Full Moon more if it’s in your zodiac sign, your Moon sign or you are ruled by the Moon, like Cancer. 

The zodiac sign that the Full Moon is in will influence the energy and area of your life most likely to be affected during the Full Moon. 

To harness the power of the next Full Moon, check out this post on creating your own Full Moon ritual

Full Moon Calendar 2021

full moon calendar dates 2021

Want to add the Full Moon dates to your Google Calendar?

It’s super easy, as Google now has a lunar phase calendar that you can add to your own calendar. 

You can find the Google Phases of the Moon calendar here.

So now you’re all set to prepare for the next Full Moon, I’d love to hear what your Full Moon ritual looks like – leave me a comment below with your tips!

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